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Make Your Music Videos EXPLODE On YouTube Every Day. Now It’s Your Turn To Rise To The Top! Our mission is to provide you with a valuable YouTube views service to help increase the number of views to your videos! You get 1000+ views per day through our proven marketing strategy, for anyone on YouTube. Read on to see benefits, what’s included, cost, along with sign up instructions below…


“Just wanted to let you know I could not be happier with the YouTube promo you just did for us. Excellent work!!!!– Joe Holland, On Top Records and Entertainment, Inc.

“Thank you so much. We have over 13,000 views on her video. It was so worth the price. I will absolutely be using you again and recommending you to others!!!– Susan Gabrielle, Artist Representative

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YOU decide how many YouTube views you want to receive for your video. Watch your video views explode as we drive traffic to your videos every day! Get more YouTube views through Unlimited Viewers, you will receive thousands of YouTube views, improve your ranking on YouTube and Google, and more. It’s perfect for any individual or business, independent film maker, musician or band, or anyone on YouTube that wants to increase views at rapid speed.

Get more traffic to your videos and increase your views on YouTube

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Build your brand or image while as your views continue to grow every day and night

Gain popularity to attract a wide audience for your video and your music

Expose your videos to the world and generate leads, sales, and more

 Save valuable time, money, & effort as you sit back and get thousands of views

Use our guaranteed service to promote of your videos for great results Literally thousands of views will pour in, as you watch your view count increase greatly. Unlimited Viewers helps you to increase YouTube views at a powerful rate each day, for any of your videos you decide!

“The YouTube promotion has been terrific! You succeeded in recording 20,000 views for us in a month or so …exactly as promised. Our record sales increased immediately as have our internet radio plays and fan base. Many thanks Terry!” – Eric Nielsen, Musician

“And yes I’ve grown quite a bit since 2010 including public exposure and internet success. my Youtube views have increased dramatically because of your company 3000 Records. Hoorahh !! Thank you and God bless. I wish all Artists could find 3000 Records and follow the program and BLOW UP ! – Hunter P. Hayes, Recording Artist and Emmy Award Winner

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INSTRUCTIONS TO SIGN UP: Signing up is simple. Just follow these 3 steps.

1.) Select your package below       2.) Make your payment       3.) Send us your video url(s)

1.) Select your package below   2.) Make your payment   3.) Send us your video url(s)

Note: Upon signing up you will be directed to our submission form to send us your YouTube video url(s). You may divide up your order between multiple videos if you like! We do our very best to process orders in a timely manner, please allow up to 48 hours for set-up and promotion before views begin.

Click On Any Of Our Guaranteed Views Packages To GET STARTED:

5,000 7,500 Views Delivered Within 15 Days! (Basic Package – $49)

20,000 30,000 Views Delivered Within 30 Days! (Premier Package – $179)

50,000 75,000 Views Delivered Within 45 Days! (Ultimate Package – $379)

150,000 225,000 Views Delivered Within 60 Days! (Spectacular Package – $979)

250,000 375,000 Views Delivered Within 90 Days! (Get Famous Package – $1399)

SPECIAL OFFER: Take your music video to the next level and get 50% More Views along with Extra Likes when you order Today! EXAMPLE: An order of 20,000 views will receive 30,000 views, guaranteed, plus at least 45 likes! This great offer may be discontinued at anytime! Select any package above, and we will increase your order by 50% for a large savings!

. Free Bonus Included With Each Package: Our goal is to help you succeed on YouTube. That is why we include a free copy of “YouTube Marketing Uncovered” with your order. This valuable Ebook will offer solid advice along with great ideas you that can start using immediately. Value $9.95 (Yours free!)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We are confident that you will be fully satisfied with our services. If you do not receive the number of Guaranteed Views with the package that you order, you are entitled to receive your money back on any views not delivered. You can also expect extra views, as we like to go above and beyond for our customers. You can get started today with absolutely No risk to you.


Question: Which type of videos can I promote with this service? Answer: This is great for any person, business, musician or band, online marketer, or anyone else who wants thousands of views for their YouTube videos. For example: homemade videos, film previews, music videos, commercials, informational videos, fun videos, etc., etc.. You can promote any of your videos on YouTube with our service, Unlimited Viewers!

Question: What methods are used to increase my views? Answer: We provide a solution that gets your view count way up, while paying a fraction of what you would pay for traditional pay per click advertising for the purpose of boosting YouTube views. Your views may increase through server views, non-mobile and mobile views and/or search engine traffic, and additional views sources which is the latest video views methods used for effectively increasing views. Likes may be increased through other indirect methods not necessarily related to views such as computer generated likes, to ensure a healthy ratio of likes are received. This popular marketing strategy allows you to get more views and likes to your video, strictly for the purpose of increasing your number of views shown on your views counter, and likes shown. These methods are used by musicians,  bands, and record labels for the purpose of boosting video popularity. While you will see a steady increase in views and likes, these are not exclusively from people watching or liking the video(s)! The results from using our service are that more people will find, discover, watch your video, and can even result in viral activity. Keep in mind, getting people to actually watch your video through paid advertising (Ex: Google Adwords) can run anywhere from $.05 cents per click and even over $1.00 per click! That can add up fast and cost a large amount of money.

Question: Why should I increase my views for my videos? Answer: Increasing your views can help with gaining viewership to your videos, getting your videos to rank better (search engine optimization) on YouTube and Google, and even creating a viral effect. Doing this can result in more people watching your videos. Remember, this has been done with great success for music videos by local Musicians and Bands, Platinum selling Artists, and Record Labels worldwide.

Question: Will my YouTube account be safe? Answer: Yes absolutely. We can guarantee that your YouTube account will be safe based on our long track record and safe methods for increasing views. Note: We are not affiliated with YouTube in any way.

Question: Can my video show advertising from Google Adwords? Answer: We recommend carefully reviewing the terms of agreement with Google Adwords. Due to their strict policies, we ask that you do not run ads on your video(s) while using our service. In addition, removing ads will help with achieving better results for promotional purposes.

Question: What are the reasons that any video(s) may be be rejected? Answer: Any video that is rejected may be due to content that contains hateful conduct, harassing conduct, excessive violence, dangerous activities, sexually explicit activity, vulgarity, harmful content for children, and/or any content that is deemed as illegal due to slander, defamation, copyright infringement, etc.

Question: Can I Divide Up My Order Between Multiple Videos? Answer: Yes! We will divide up your views between multiple videos with a minimum of 5000 views per video! For example: If you order 30,000 views, you could divide the 30,000 views between 6 different videos to receive 5000 views each.

Question: How much does this service cost? Answer: The price is only $49 for 5,000+ Views (approximately 15 days of service), $179 for 20,000+ Views (approximately 30 days of service), $379 for 50,000+ Views (approximately 45 days of service), $979 for 150,000+ Views (approximately 60 days of service), and $1399 for 250,000+ Views (90 days of service). This is a one time fee, however you are welcome to sign up again to continue services for maximum results. In addition you receive our 100% money back guarantee.

NOTE: We are currently offering 50% More Views with your order today! For example, if you order 5000 views, you get 50% more views for a total of 7,500 views. In addition, you can expect extra views, as we like to over-deliver with each order!

Question: Can I order 1,000,000 views? Answer: Yes, a larger order like this would be much more involved and require much more attention from our staff. We would work with you closely to create a massive viral campaign at rapid speed! Request A Quote (click here)

Question: How do I sign up? Answer: Signing up is super easy! Simply select a “Guaranteed Views” package, make your payment, and send us your information. That’s it! We will take it from there and look forward to helping you succeed.

Question: Do you offer live customer service and support? Answer: Yes! If there are any problems with your order, or views we want to hear from you. Feel free to call (888) 463-4336 or +01.586.480.3000 (for international calls) to speak with a live customer service representative. You can also send email to with any further questions or requests. If you would like to cancel your monthly membership, click here

Question: This is the best service I have seen for anyone serious about getting views on YouTube. Do you have an easy way for me to share this with my friends? Answer: Yes. Part of the reason our services are priced so low is because we don’t spend much on advertising. Instead, we rely on folks like you to tell their friends, and other people to help get the word out.

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I would recommend 3000 Records to anybody. You guys are spot-on and you do what you say you will.” – Billygunns, Recording Artist

Confidentiality Agreement: 3000 Records respects your privacy. We will protect and keep your information confidential at all times, Period. We have worked with and earned the trust of thousands of customers over the years through our promotional projects. We look forward to helping you reach thousands of “Guaranteed Views” and make your videos “Explode” on YouTube!

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